Bohai developed 2nd generation CLT press
Time : 2019-08-26 17:07:37  hit:0
    In 2017, Bohai installed a CLT press for a Chinese customer named Zhongyisenke in Binzhou, Shandong province. In 2016, Minda claimed its Timber Press X 100 as the largest CLT-Press of the world, with a max length of 20m, however Bohai's CLT press is able to handle CLT panels as long as 24m. In terms of the large CLT panel press, Bohai CLT press can also be a good choice.
   In 2018, Bohai developed the 2nd generation CLT press, with a key feature 'Piano key style press unit'. With this feature the CLT press is able to press from the center to the both sides, the strain and stress can be more properly reduced.
Our competitive edge:
use of fast glues with short open waiting times
short pressing times
fully-automatic operation from feeding via positioning up to unloading
process reduction and cost saving by temporal overlapping of feeding and discharge cycle
low energy consumption
possibility of gradual capacity increase by additional presses
production of pre-assembled CLT packages with automatic length adjustment
Press-PC for documentation of pressure and humidity
network-compatible control