Bohai developed 3rd generation CLT press
Time : 2019-12-25 13:01:07  hit:0
     The current mainstream CLT press consists of several modules, each module contains several pressing bars, the so called 2nd generation CLT Press.

     Taking a CLT press designed for 6x3x0.36m CLT panels for an example, the 6x3m CLT press consists of 5 modules, each module has 5 pressing bars, each pressing bar contains 36 pressing unites, so for the whole CLT press, it’s 900 pressing units in all. This will provide Bohai CLT press with more flexibility and accuracy. Bohai CLT press is also able to provide side pressure(left & right) through air cylinder.
      Glue applicator, vacuum stacker lay-up station and infeed & outfeed conveyor can also be attached to this CLT press, to achieve a fully automated solution for clients.