Four-sided Segmented Hydra...

Product parameters:

Max Working Size(mm):6200x1300x150
Max Top Pressure(ton)/side:96
Max Lateral Pressure(ton)/side:24
Rated Hydraulic System Pressure (mpa):16

Automatic Pressure Compensation:standard
Installed Capacity(kw):8.5
Machine Dimension(mm):8200x2850x3100
Anti-adhesive System (patent):Additional configuration

Equipment Introduction:

With the application of hydraulic principle, this machine has the features of both steady running speed together with high and even pressure. On account of the pressing on the upward and front sides, the veneer can achieve a good situation and prevent it from tilting the edge. There is an automatic pressure maintaining mechanism inside the hydraulic system, which can continuously intense the veneer pressure and improve the product quality. In addition, this four-sided rotatry machine has four working surfaces, and it has a high working efficiency for the flow line operation. Right-left moves of front presser feet can be made integrally according to the workpiece’s specification. This machine has hydraulic position brake mechanism and also equipped with hydraulic lock as well as safety bracket.