Vertical Singled-sided Timber Press BHXL1-12000

Product Parameters:

Vertical Singled-sided Beam Press:BHXL1/12
Max Working Size(mm):12000x1800x250
Max Top Pressure(ton)/side:380
Max Lateral Pressure(ton)/side:68
Rated Hydraulic System Pressure (mpa):16
Automatic Pressure Compensation:standard
Installed Capacity(kw):7.5
Machine Dimension(mm):12300x1800x2900

Product Introduction:

BHT1-12000 Vertical Singled-sided Timber Press is a special processing equipment for solid wood timber, driven by hydraulic system, it can realize various product functions as well as the panel’s joint and processing by reason of high pressure hydrocylinder. This machine is the first choice for processing solid wood timber, because it occupies a smaller area and can improve the producing efficiency as it can give a higher pressure on timbers. In addition, we also take the loading and unloading difficulties when traditional press processing large section timber into consideration, reduce the operator’s labor intensity by adopting lateral overturn method to automatically load materials connecting with the feeder. Meanwhile, our company added automatic pressure compensation system against the unstable system pressure during the procedure of processing laminated wood, so the machine’s system pressure can always be kept in a given pressure range and ensure a stable system pressure, and in this way, the timbers can get a perfect joint effect.