Automatic Continuous Finger Joint

Product Parameters:

Working Size
Feedstock Length:Min 300 mm
Timber Thickness: Min 25 mm Max 80 mm
Timber Width: Min 35 mm Max 250 mm
Discharging Length:Based on set
Pre-connected and Feeder System
Working Height:900 mm
Installed Capacity:21.65 kw
Feedstock Speed:80 m/ min
Installed Capacity:11.15 kw
Jointing Extruded System
Working Height:900 mm
Pressure Length:4500 mm
Max Pressure:350 KN
Blade Diameter:500 mm
Installed Capacity :10.5 kw

Equipment Introduction:

Max pressure achieves 80 tons.
Automatic adjustment function frees itself from the limits of workpiece quality.
High capacity and can proceed the joint of large section timber.
Exact length position, high accuracy and automation.