Auto press

Auto loading press for large end-sections VLD1200*130

VLD1200*130 vertical square machine uses hydraulic system as its power,a specialized timber processing facility which performs its various functions through high pressure hydraulic cylinder,based on the thickness of the timber board,main hydraulic cylinder can move to the center of the timber board,to make sure the whole timber board is equally pressed.(Including the auto turning&feeding device)

Maximum processing size:12000*1300*450

Diameter of upper pressure hydraulic cylinder: φ100X30/face

Diameter of side pressure hydraulic cylinder:φ40X14/face

Diameter of side lifting hydraulic cylinder:φ100*6/face

Diameter of main pressure moving hydraulic cylinder:φ63*6/face

System gross power:26KW

Maximum pressure of hydraulic system:25Mpa

Air pressure:0.6-0.8MPA

Gas consumption:50NL/min

Press loading height (Mini) 1150mm

Press loading height (Max) 1300mm