Heavy Horizontal Hydraulic Press

Product Parameters:

Heavy Horizontal Hydraulic Press:BHXW-18000
Max Working Size(mm):18000x1300x450
Max Top Pressure(ton)/side:1350
Max Lateral Pressure(ton)/side:108

Rated Hydraulic System Pressure (mpa):16
Automatic Pressure Compensation:standard
Installed Capacity(kw):11
Machine Dimension(mm)):18000x2000x1500

Equipment Introduction:

Apply to the lateral and section splicing of large section timber.
Apply to timbers in different lengths, and units can be controlled separately or jointly on basis of mufti-structure.
Main press utilizes double-layer cylinder and modular voltage circuit to ensure stable pressure.
Horizontal structure ensures machine stability, and the discharging roller conveyor contributes to easy unloading.